If you are youth policy maker or an institution that is dealing with youth policy, especially youth work policies, please answer this questionnaire.
This questionnaire is part of a project “Step between”, a KA205 strategic partnership, funded by the Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility. The project is a partnership between Go Green – Skopje, Naturkultur (Germany), and Ocean Znanja (Croatia).  The main topic of the project is quality and recognition of youth work and it is going to produce three intellectual outputs, namely:
IO1 Legislation pinpointing
IO2 Eco-system of youth workers
IO3 Well-being of youth workers
This questionairre is part of the IO1 Legislation pinpointing targeting youth policy maker or an institution dealing with youth (work) policy.
Please get in touch with antonio@bidizelen.org if you are interested in receiving the final research report.