In this qualitative research, our aim was to explore the well-being (issues and challenges) faced by youth workers in more depth. Based on aim, our main research question was:
Based on the aim and main research question we had 7 sub-questions:
1. How do youth workers assess their professional status in society?
2. How do youth workers assess their own job and workplace satisfaction?
3. What are the everyday challenges in the work of youth workers?
4. What crisis situations do youth workers face in their work?
5. How it all affects their mental and physical health?
6. What kind of support is available to youth workers (on an NGO, state and EU level)?
7. What kind of support is most lacking for youth workers?

The project “A step between” was a strategic partnership between three youth organizations that produced the following intellectual outputs: “Legislation pinpointing for youth work” by Go Green – Skopje, “Youth work eco-systems” by Naturkultur e.V and “Well-being of youth workers” by Ocean Znanja.

The project was funded by the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility of the Republic of North Macedonia.