Go Green vision 2030

Go Green is an international youth environmental organisation providing climate change education and taking action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We enable a support system for young people and vulnerable groups and we care about their well-being in the socio-ecological transformation of the communities.

 [Go Green is an international youth environmental organisation…]

International – means that we have registered several Go Green organisations in different countries. So far, there are Go Green Croatia, registered in Osijek and Go Green Belgium, registered in Brussels International also stands for the international projects and partnerships in Europe and other countries, within the Erasmus+ program etc.

Youth – because the young people are the core of the projects and take part in the decision making processes as part of our executive and governing bodies. It also means that the youth sector is important for us as an organization, and therefore we are part of relevant youth networks and represent the young people’s interests to the institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

Environmental – stands for environmental protection and climate change – the core of our work. When working with young people and education, we provide an environmental awareness and engagement in policy making processes. The environmental sector includes water, air, waste, climate change, nature, soil etc…

[…providing climate change education…]

Education is the key to environmental awakening and change in society. We work on “greening” the formal and non-formal education related to climate change.

We influence policies and educational curricula in formal education, and organize trainings, seminars, workshops as part of the non-formal education.

[…and taking action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.]

Climate change is the most serious threat in the 21st century. Its consequences (droughts, floods, fires etc.) will dramatically change the society and the way we live. Therefore, apart education, we stand for taking action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

[We enable a support system for young people and vulnerable groups…]

In times of crises (health, economic and ecologic crises), young people and vulnerable groups (the poor, people with disabilities, nonformal sector etc.) are those who contribute the least for the crises yet suffer the most from the consequences. That is why we think it’s important to enable a support system for their inclusion, education, employment etc…

 […and we care about their well-being…]

Well-being of young people and vulnerable groups is important to us, because other than in their environmental awakening, we also invest in their personal development, mental stability, emotional intelligence, resilience and active learning.

[…in the socio-ecological transformation of communities.]

The socio-ecological transformation means securing ecological sustainability ensuring a just transition with principles for social equality and justice. In other words, when protecting the environment and dealing with climate change, we stand for strengthening  the local communities and vulnerable groups, as well as making sure the ordinary citizens is actively involved in the process.