According to Article 13, paragraph 4 of the Statute of the Citizens’ Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection “Go Green” from Skopje, we invite you to take part in the regular annual assembly of Go Green that will take place on Saturday, December 22, 2018, starting at 11:00 am, in the ceremonial hall in the high school “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin – Skopje”.

The Assembly draft agenda:

– Election of the chairman and working bodies of the Assembly

  1. Adoption of the Minutes of the Assembly of Go Green, held on September 9, 2017.
  2. Review and report on the work of Go Green for 2017
  3. Review and report on the work of Go Green for 2018
  4. Report of the President and Executive Director of the Go Green projects, costs, activities
  5. Election of members of the Governing Board of Go Green for the period 2018-2020
  6. Adoption of Annual plan 2019
  7. Changing the activity of the association according to the strategic priorities
  8. Adoption of a Code of Ethics
  9. Miscellaneous

According to paragraph 5 of the above article, all members of Go Green may propose new points for discussion at the Assembly no later than Saturday, December 15, 2018.

The Assembly is composed of all full members who are entitled to one vote. Full members are those who have 18 years or more and paid membership fee. Associate members are part of the assembly, but without the right to vote, and they can propose amendments if they are supported by two full members.

If you do not have a paid membership fee for 2018, please contact Mila Todosova at milatodosova@bidizelen.org for timely registration as a delegate of the assembly.

On the occasion of the Annual Assembly, the Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection – Go Green Skopje opens a public call for nomination of Governing Board members. According to the statute of the association, the Governing Board has the following rights and obligations:


Article 15

The Governing Board is the collegial governing body of the association. The Assembly elects the members of the Governing Board at its constituent session. The Governing Board consists of at least three members. Foreigners have the right to be part of the Governing Board. The mandate lasts for two years, with right for re-election.

Article 16

The Governing Board has the following rights and responsibilities:

  • It prepares the Assembly sessions,
  • Preparing proposals for all acts to be adopted by the Assembly,
  • It implements the decisions and conclusions adopted at the Assembly,
  • Preparing a program of work, annual financial report and other reports for the needs of the Assembly,
  • Specifies the draft financial plan and final account of the Association,
  • Appoints the Executive Director,
  • In coordination with the Executive Director, he / she makes a decision on team leaders and program coordinators,
  • Decides on organizing gatherings, seminars and other activities of the association,
  • As an exception, it adopts amendments to the Statute that must be verified at an extraordinary Assembly or at the latest at the first regular annual assembly of the association,
  • It implements the policy, the conclusions and decisions made by the Assembly,
  • It makes decisions for awards, acknowledgments and recognitions,
  • Control over the work of the Governing Board is carried out by the Assembly through the established commissions and bodies for that purpose or the annual assemblies,
  • The meetings of the Governing Board may be convened by each member of the Governing Board
  • The meetings of the Board are managed by the president or other member of the Board if so determined,
  • Holds a session at least once every three months,
  • The Governing Board can decide fully if there are 2/3 of the total number of members,
  • Decisions of the Governing Board are adopted with 2/3 votes from the present at the meeting,
  • In case of inability for physical presence of some of the members, sessions can take place on an internet conference call,
  • For each session of the Governing Board, a minutes shall be kept, from a registrar appointed by this body,
  • Manages and is responsible for managing the property and assets for the work of the association,
  • The Governing Board is responsible to the Assembly for all that is given to it in the competence of the Statute and other acts of the association;

To apply for a board member, you need to send your CV together with a cover letter to antonio@bidizelen.org no later than December 18, 2018.

It is compulsory for candidates to attend (physical or internet conference link) at the assembly scheduled for December 22, 2018.

For any questions and suggestions, feel free to send us an email at antonio@bidizelen.org, and blagica@bidizelen.org