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[Survey] Youth familiarity with municipal work and green policies

We live in an era of climate crisis that necessitates urgent action and cooperation with all stakeholders in a society. Stemming from the notion that youth is the future, i.e. today’s investment in them will reflect on the near future, their participation is key in creating and implementing local green policies or policies for climate […]

Youth positions

The Young Climate Ambassadors made a research and composed the Youth positions on three very important climate topics: Decarbonization Circular economy Education You can read and download the essays here. They all participated in the First COP26 Simulation, part of the project “Young Climate Ambassadors” funded by the British Embassy in Skopje.

Climate Diplomacy Handbook

The handbook is available here. This product is prepared within the programme Young Climate Ambassadors, implemented by Go Green Skopje and funded by the UK Government with the support of the British Embassy Skopje.


The subject of this research is the analysis of the curricula of the compulsory subjects in primary education. In particular, the analysis was conducted in order to review the prevalence of climate change in the curriculum of the Bureau for Education Development. This research is part of the project “Youth for Climate Change Education and […]

Youth work eco-systems

One of the aims of our exploratory research was to find out and outline the processes of decision making in terms of youth. For the needs of the research, we set up a case study that should help us identify the steps in decision making in terms of youth in Europe The project “A step between” was […]

Well-being of youth workers

In this qualitative research, our aim was to explore the well-being (issues and challenges) faced by youth workers in more depth. Based on aim, our main research question was: Based on the aim and main research question we had 7 sub-questions: 1. How do youth workers assess their professional status in society? 2. How do […]

Legislation pinpointing for youth work

The aim of the “Legislation pinpointing for youth work” is to show the direction for policy intervention in order to improve the youth workers conditions and livelihood. This paper is providing a reflection on the relevant policies and strategic documents related to youth work on EU level, as well as in specific countries. The conclusions […]

Youth participation in schools for better environment

You can read and download the publication on this link.

Whitepaper on Youth Work

Read more about the publication: https://www.bidizelen.org/en/recognition-of-youth-workers/ You can download the publication on the following link.

Green jobs and youth in the Republic of Macedonia

The aim of the publication in front of you is to provide an overview of the state of play with youth and youth policies in the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time to elaborate on the topic of “green jobs”, which is relatively new in our country. Primarily, this publication is dedicated to […]