Youth voice for environmental change in high schools II (Establishing a national youth environmental network)

Students in the schools in Macedonia have the tendency of not participating in the organizations or associations that represent the young population. According to the research for “Youth Participation in Macedonia” by CSOs “Youth Educational Forum” and “Reactor” around 70% of the students in the high school do not know if there is a student […]

Youth for Environmental Change

Young people are not aware of the importance of places that are touristic and valuable to the country that they live in. The rise of tourism in such places additionally is making the places more and more non-environmental friendly. The increase of the numbers of tourists coming every year in North Macedonia is making the […]


Go Green, represented by Antonio Jovanovski, is participating at the Youth@Work conference held 25-29 June in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Jovanovski, Executive Director of Go Green, as part of the Pool of Trainers for Youth@Work Parthership, is delivering a workshop on 27th June in Istanbul, on the topic “Placing the Youth Work on the Map”, aiming […]


Annual Assembly of Go Green – Call for members for Governing Board members

According to Article 13, paragraph 4 of the Statute of the Citizens’ Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection “Go Green” from Skopje, we invite you to take part in the regular annual assembly of Go Green that will take place on Saturday, December 22, 2018, starting at 11:00 am, in the ceremonial hall in […]

Youth Voice for Environmental Change in High Schools

High schools students from 4 different schools have participated in leadership camp that took place in Hotel Solferino, Struga from 28 to 31th of August. Тhe goal of the leadership camp was to motivate the young people to become more active citizens. The project team and the trainer Antonio Jovanovski were using the methods of [...]

Recognition of Youth Work(ers)

Youth workers have such an important role in society and in education of youth. However very little has been done to improve the working conditions and the environment in which they work; Not fulfilling the potential that youth work has, weakens the potential in dealing with some of the major challenges Europe is facing, such […]

Apply for an exchange in China! EU – China twinning program

Go Green – Skopje has been elected to be part of the EU – China twinning program organized by the China the Stiftung Asienhaus in cooperation with CAN Europe, the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) and the China Climate Action Network. This program gives European and Chinese NGO staff the opportunity to work and […]