December 2018-May 2019

Achieved goals:

  • Mapping of green jobs
  • Creating a database of trainers for green jobs
  • Increased knowledge and skills of high school students on topics related to environmental protection, climate change, sustainable development, and air quality.
  • Cooperation with employers that enable “shadow learning” of high school students with employees who have green occupations

Activity 1: Mapping green occupations

The project team with the support of the working group for “green jobs and youth” mapped the green occupations in the document “National Classification of Occupations” issued by the State Statistical Office. The mapping was done based on the definition of green jobs.

Activity 2. Creating a program “Green Skills for Youth”

Activity 3. Targeting and selection of trainers (junior) and schools

Activity 4. Training for trainers on 8 topics:

  • climate changes
  • air pollution
  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy sources
  • sustainable transport
  • waste management
  • greenery

Activity 5. Promotion of the program “Green Skills for Youth”

Activity 6. Classes for high school students in schools

Activity 7. “Shadow learning” with an employer

The project is funded by the Agency for Youth and Sports of RSM.