June 2021 -November 2021 Klimart funded, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning The project is going to raise public awareness and educate young people about climate change, renewable energy, transport, forestry and biodiversity. Through a series of 5 podcasts on these topics, young people will learn about the meaning of each topic […]


April-October 2021 Youth are usually passive when it comes to democratic processes because of a lack of trust in institutions and narrow space for their voice to be heard. Municipalities like Karposh, Kisela Voda, Aerodrom, Prilep, Bitola, and Kumanovo are some of the top air-polluted cities and have problems with waste management or increased urbanization […]

We Grow Together

July-December 2020 Informal waste collectors are part of the vulnerable groups in our society for a long time. They are part of the grey economy by picking plastics and selling them for a low price due to cash (unregistered) payment. It is estimated that about 800 families are engaged in this activity, collecting about 80-90% […]


December 2019-May 2020 General goal of the project: Creating a network of high school students who actively study and exert public pressure on the institutions for strengthening the climate change education and include greater representation of solar energy in the energy system Partners High School Orce Nikolov, Skopje; High School Zdravko Cvetkovski, Skopje; High School […]

Solar Energy Schools

August 2019- April 2020 Objectives Developed activist groups for climate change in high schools in Bitola, Kicevo and Skopje, Signing a petition for “Solar Energy Schools”, Increased awareness among decision makers about the importance of climate change education and solar energy as an energy source for educational institutions – at least one institution sends a […]


June-November 2019 The project will raise awareness among citizens about the principles of prevention, selection and reuse of waste, and will also activate citizens, with a special focus on young people, to engage in cleaning actions, selection and reuse of waste, and education of the population. . Objectives Promotion, encouragement and active involvement of the […]

Youth for Environmental Change

June-October 2019 Young people are not aware of the importance of places that are touristic and valuable to the country that they live in. The rise of tourism in such places additionally is making the places more and more non-environmental friendly. The increase of the numbers of tourists coming every year in North Macedonia is […]