EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal

May 2022 – May 2024 EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal is a project dedicated to a sustainable Europe and presents the goals of the European Union in a film context.  EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal will provide a year-round program from May 2022- May 2024, with a focus on informing and educating about the green […]

Youth Activism for Green Municipalities vol.2

April – October 2022 Young people in society, and especially in the municipality are the biggest factor for change in the whole municipality. Activism and participation in social activities are powerful forms of civic engagement. The biggest changes are encouraged and led by young people. Youth activism has enormous potential to transform local communities, especially […]

Youth Activism for Greener Municipalities

January 2022- December 2024 The overall goal of the Project is to strengthen the influence of youth activists and youth organizations in local environmental policies and processes. The project has the following specific aims: (1) Strengthening the capacities of youth activists and youth organizations to implement effective advocacy activities at local level; (2) Establishing partnerships […]

New laws, new rules

August 2021 – December 2021 Education and practical implementation of the legal regulations in the field of waste management, its proper application and interpretation by stakeholders and citizens. Building a dialogue between citizens, producers, local and central government, civil society organizations, in order to reduce the impact on the environment and human health, raised awareness […]

I Select in Aerodrom

August 2021 – November 2021 Raising public awareness and education of youth in the environmental field and waste management with the help of a caravan for reducing, reusing and proper selecting of waste. Activities: Construction of a mobile station for waste selection with 8 fractions Implementation of the eco caravan – holding workshops for primary […]

Climate action starts with you (th)

July 2021- November 2021 Climate action starts with you (th) funded, supported by the British Embassy in Skopje The project is going to educate young people about the climate crisis and motivate them to take an active part in the daily fight against climate change. Through the cube that has dimensions of 4x4x4, which is […]


June 2021 -November 2021 Klimart funded, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning The project is going to raise public awareness and educate young people about climate change, renewable energy, transport, forestry and biodiversity. Through a series of 5 podcasts on these topics, young people will learn about the meaning of each topic […]