Youth work eco-systems

One of the aims of our exploratory research was to find out and outline the processes of decision making in terms of youth. For the needs of the research, we set up a case study that should help us identify the steps in decision making in terms of youth in Europe The project “A step between” was […]

Well-being of youth workers

In this qualitative research, our aim was to explore the well-being (issues and challenges) faced by youth workers in more depth. Based on aim, our main research question was: Based on the aim and main research question we had 7 sub-questions: 1. How do youth workers assess their professional status in society? 2. How do […]

Legislation pinpointing for youth work

The aim of the “Legislation pinpointing for youth work” is to show the direction for policy intervention in order to improve the youth workers conditions and livelihood. This paper is providing a reflection on the relevant policies and strategic documents related to youth work on EU level, as well as in specific countries. The conclusions […]

Youth voice for environmental change in high schools II (Establishing a national youth environmental network)

Students in the schools in Macedonia have the tendency of not participating in the organizations or associations that represent the young population. According to the research for “Youth Participation in Macedonia” by CSOs “Youth Educational Forum” and “Reactor” around 70% of the students in the high school do not know if there is a student […]

Youth for Environmental Change

Young people are not aware of the importance of places that are touristic and valuable to the country that they live in. The rise of tourism in such places additionally is making the places more and more non-environmental friendly. The increase of the numbers of tourists coming every year in North Macedonia is making the […]

Collaborative Economy without Barriers – CEB

2018-1-LU01-KA105-037302 Project Duration 01/09/2019-31/08/2022 Key Action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Action Type KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education Beneficiary Organisation ASSOCIAZIONE UNIAMOCI ONLUS Collaborative Economy without Barriers – CEB is a three year Strategic Partnership for the exchange of good practices among the staff of the five […]

Questionnaire for youth (work) policy makers

If you are youth policy maker or an institution that is dealing with youth policy, especially youth work policies, please answer this questionnaire. This questionnaire is part of a project “Step between”, a KA205 strategic partnership, funded by the Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility. The project is a partnership between Go Green – […]