Terra project was created to promote the participants of young Europeans in various fields, with particular attention to climate change, due to the fact that numerous actions started spontaneously by young people in Europe, like matches for climate, show that a discussion in this area can bring together a critical mass of young people and make them feel active European citizens toward common social goals.

As a result, the theme of environmental sustainability has become a central theme for each community over the past several years. The pandemic and the current geopolitical situation, with gas scarcity and rising bills, make the ecological transition even more important. A cultural transition that places new generations at the heart of the creation process of the future of our planet.


  • Increase the awareness of vulnerable young people on climate and environment
  • Reinforce the green skills of young people
  • Step up youth engagement in the fight against climate change
  • Increase the sense of belongings in the EU around common environmental values
  • Support social inclusion of vulnerable young people through increased civic participation and engagement for the climate

Age of participants: 18+

Partner countries: Italy, North Macedonia, Sweden

Place: Catania, Italy

Date: 23 – 27 May 2023

Apply here.

More details: infopack.                                                       

For applying you must have to finish one module form our educational courses and make a local eco action:

– clean up action

– tree planting

– eco guerilla action

– official communication with your local municipality on eco issues (send request for public information, send proposal for idea, organize a meeting with your officer for youth etc. )

You can get inspired for ideas from the courses, or if you need help you can ask at the Help Desk for legal, expert and mentor assistance https://edu.bidizelen.org/help-desk/ or email us info@bidizelen.org