This year Go Green is organizing the “Green Employment and Education Days”.

Climate change will create millions of green jobs in all sectors in society. The European Commission stated that around 5 million jobs to be opened by 2020 in the renewable and energy efficiency sector. What are the skills, knowledge and competencies needed for a green job? And is the education system ready for it? These are the key questions that will be debated on the events. Workshops and training will be delivered to students by companies and NGOs already working in the field and developing green and sustainable society.  

Millions of young people and energy experts are needed to be educated and properly qualified for a successful energy transition. These events are part of the project ”Improving the academic curiculla for renewable energy and energy efficiency” which aims to introduce new study books in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje and Prishtina, and stimulate young people to study and work for renewable energy and energy efficiency.