The project aims to support the implementation of the law on batteries and waste batteries (entered into force on January 1, 2011), to develop the awareness about the harmful effects of the batteries and to initiate a system for collecting waste batteries.

The three main pillars are:
  • Institutional cooperation and sharing experiences with the EU countries
  •  Informative Educational Campaign
  • Campaign for collecting waste batteries
The first pillar aims to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and sharing experiences between Republic of Macedonia and the EU countries (Sweden and Slovakia) that have already established a system and successfully implemented the law on batteries and waste batteries.  As part of this pillar, a seminar was organized on November 8th at the EU Info Centre in Skopje, where the Minister of Environment and the Swedish ambassador had official speeches, and experts from Sweden and Slovakia and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Macedonia debated with representatives of companies, municipalities and civic organizations about the responsibilities required by the law. The institutional cooperation continues with the study visit in Slovakia (13-15 February 2012).
The second pillar, the informative educational campaign, includes the municipalities, the schools and the universities to develop awareness among the local authorities and young people about the harmful effects of waste batteries and to encourage responsible behavior. This pillar started on 5th November 2011 with a seminar on hazardous waste at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, and continued with educational info-meetings in the municipalities, schools and faculties in Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo. 
The third pillar aims to encourage the citizens to leave their waste batteries in special tubes for empty batteries that are located in the supermarkets Tinex, Vero and Ramstore and in the municipalities in Skopje, Tetovo and Kumanovo. This pillar started on 1st December 2011 through a media campaign promoting Green Hugging around supermarkets, which aims to educate the citizens and to encourage responsible behavior. You may find photos from the seminars, the info meetings in the municipalities, schools and universities and from the promotion Green Hugs on the Go Clean Facebook page by clicking here
The project is initiated by the Embassy of Sweden, supported by the Swedish Agency for Environmental Protection, the Embassies of Norway, Slovakia and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Macedonia. Project partners include supermarkets Tinex, Vero, Ramstore and Kammarket, and as media sponsors Antenna 5, Vest, Alfa TV, the programme 5+ and Accent Media.
Download the project reports of Go Clean 2011, Go Clean 2012, Go Clean 2013 part 1 and Go Clean 2013 part 2 supported by Norwegian Embassy, City of Skopje and Ministry of environmental protection and phisical planning.