Go Green participated at the Conference of Youth (COY11) in Paris together with more than 4900 young people from 118 countries. The conference enabled a platform for young people to learn and work together for better understanding of the climate negotiation process and make their voice better heard inside the Climate Conference (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The UN Secretary‐General’s on Youth, Mr. Ahmadad Alwendawi opened the conference with reinforcing the role of young people: “The voices of the young people will reveal. I urge you to keep raising your voices it’s time for the Governments to listen. We are the generation that will get the job done”. The conference continued with “The Declaration on Humankind Rights” where the principles, rights and duties of the humanity were presented. The principle of intra/intergenerational responsibility, equity and solidarity demands that the human family and in particular its States shall endeavor, in a common and differentiated manner, to safeguard and preserve humanity and Earth. Humanity has the right to the preservation of common goods, especially air, water and soil, and the right to universal and effective access to vital resources.

Furthermore, the issue of climate migrants was stressed. 26 million people per year are displaced due to environmental disasters. Most of them are displaced inside their countries with the national Government displacement programs, but the challenge remains when it comes to international agreements and cross-border displacement programs. This issue will be important to be addressed in the upcoming international Climate meetings. Furthermore, workshops on “Litter of light”, “Link between spirituality and environment”, “Change from Art”, “Climate migrants” and many other topics were addressed throughout the 3-day event.

The Go Green representatives also gave an interview for the National Geographic channel and French media, addressing the problems that the Balkan region is facing due to climate change. Representatives who are initiating Go Green in Croatia joined the event as well and held strategic meetings for the development of the international youth environmental network.

COY11 was organized by the International Youth Climate Movement (IYCM) is the largest international network on youth involved on climate change issues. Young individuals, national and/or transnational organizations networks lead projects of awareness and mobilization in order to inspire more young people on climate stakes and organize advocacy activities on young people participation and various subjects linked to climate change adaptation and/or mitigation.

Go Green continues with their representation on the COP21 and advocates for the demands of legally binding agreement that commits to 100% renewable energy system, resource and energy efficiency, inclusion of young people and adjustment of education system, decentralization of the energy system, and human rights and solidarity to be at the core of the international development. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching #GG4Climate.