My name is Till, I’m 19 years old and I’m looking forward to 1 year of volunteering for Go Green here in the wonderful city of Skopje! As I grew up in a small German ecovillage, this will be a very exciting new experience for me in this quite big town. I was just graduated in summer after 4 years going to a boarding school for music. After this time in a very regulated and a little bit rigid environment I had a strong desire for adventure and educating myself in a more free and practical way.

This is how I came here! I chose Go Green because I like the idea of focusing on the younger generations when
it comes to raising awareness about environment and sustainability. Also I’m really excited about working together with other youngsters, who share my interest in those topics. I feel like Go Green will give me the opportunity to learn a lot but also to hand over some knowledge I already have because of my background in a German ecovillage. A win-win situation!

After introducing myself as a German, everybody is asking me the same question: Why did you come to Macedonia? It seems to me as many Macedonian citizens have a very bad impression of their country. I don’t share that! Even though of course less developed, I am very surprised by Skopje in a positive way. The most important and obvious thing are the warm-hearted, easily accessible and always helpful people. Furthermore I like about Skopje the diversity of people, culture and architecture. Every municipality is different and there is a lot to discover. I am very sure, my time here in Skopje will be so rich in experience and wonderful interpersonal encounters, that I feel like every peer should do the same or something similar. There are so many interesting countries, cultures and cities, that want to be discovered. And the ESC is a great way to do it. Not only because there is such a big variety of places and projects that everybody will find something suitable, also because it strengthens the cohesion between the young generations all over Europe. And I can tell you it feels great to part of this gigantic project. This is why I have no other choices than highly recommending this experience to everyone!

*You can contact Till by writing to his email or on his Insta profile @tianllit

***Go Green is owner of the ESC label for sending and hosting volunteers