On 16th of September Go Green started a street guerilla/photo action, that lasted throughout the EU Mobility week.

Go Green volunteers were taking pictures of citizens of Skopje that were traveling by bus or bike with two custom made frames and using those pictures for the online promotion of the activities. While for the citizens that used their cars three special banners were placed on the busiest streets motivating them to leave their cars in the rush hour.

As a second activity carried out by Go Green during the EU Mobility Week was the organization of the “Bike&Learn” conference on 21st of September. 20 young people from Skopje were selected to take part of this unusual conference where the delegates didn’t sit in a conference room but, instead, using their bikes actively moved to 4 info points in the city where they were guests to 4 speakers.

The participants were introduced to the City of Skopje’s project – Social Car, in the premises of Go Green they got to learn about the “Bicycles for all” project, while “Eko Svest” though them about their projects – City Tree and Smart Ohrid, at the end in EU Info center the participants debated how companies influence sustainable transport.

The full report can be viewed here.