Project Duration 01/01/2019-30/06/2019

Key Action KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type KA105 – Youth mobility

Beneficiary Organisation NATURKULTUR EV

Breaking Bread – Breaking Barriers is a project that where we participants were learning about the topics of discrimination and xenophobia. The focus was on accepting differences and learning about different cultures through food and cooking.

42 young people from Greece, Croatia, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, and Germany worked, cooked and lived together for 11 days (from the 15.-25.3.2019) and learned from each other in the process.

The young people learned about different cultures while enjoying their food and thinking about why they discriminate against different groups, nations, and cultures. Learning by doing and peer-to-peer learning were the main learning practices. Different non formal learning methods were used to help achieve the learning goals of the participants. Some of the methods were cooking together as a team building and discussion how xenophobia develops and what to do about it. The young people also learned about the media literacy and about Anti Biased approach and how to deal with prejudices, discrimination, and stereotypes.

Participants developed their critical thinking skills and increased their tolerance toward others and started to learn how to accept diversity. They shared their culture and cuisines with each other and in this way broke the mental barriers of xenophobia and discrimination created by a lack of information and understanding between people. The general objective of this project was addressing the xenophobia created by the lack of information, single-mindedness while promoting respect and acceptance of diversity. After the exchange, the young people went back to their countries and local communities and shared the knowledge and attitudes they have acquired on the exchange by creating and printing international cook book and organizing a cooking events that promoted acceptance, tolerance, and open-mindedness. With the dissemination of positive European values of acceptance and unity in diversity, the young people became more open-minded to different cultures and people