“Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”is going to be a youth exchange organized in Garlstedt in Germany which will include 32 young people and 8 group leaders from 4 different European countries: Spain, North Macedonia, Croatia and Germany.

Age of participants: 14-19 year old, group leaders are 18+

Place: Garlstedt , Osterholz Scharmbeck , Germany

Dates: 19th till 29th of June 2023.

This project aims for prevention and helping young people to get reattached with themselves, nature and other people their age. By going on walks or doing other physical activities, they will not just improve their physical but also their mental health. Showing them tools how to take care of their health in both these areas is the main focus of the project. Also helping them to handle their responsibilities in a healthy way.

Apply here.

More details: infopack.

For applying you must have to finish one module form our educational courses and make a local eco action:

– clean up action

– tree planting

– eco guerilla action

– official communication with your local municipality on eco issues (send request for public information, send proposal for idea, organize a meeting with your officer for youth etc. )

You can get inspired for ideas from the courses, or if you need help you can ask at the Help Desk for legal, expert and mentor assistance https://edu.bidizelen.org/help-desk/ or email us info@bidizelen.org