Training course “Step 0” in Hungary organized by Re Creativity, a social enterprise base in Budapest that is providing non formal educational programs in order that people build creative solutions in their everyday lives.

Location: Alsotold, Hungary

Dates: 25th March – 2nd April 2023

Deadline for application: 17th February 2023

The program of the mobility is designed and conducted by a multicultural team of experienced trainers and assistants. Main program elements: skill-development workshops, meditation, mindfulness processes, teambuilding activities, creative recycling workshops, self-assessment, improvement of key competences, sharing of best practices, outdoor activities, living library, designing educational materials, practicing facilitations skills.

More details about the training: Infopack

The link for the application you can find it here.

*Important: Only if you finish one of our educational courses you will be able to participate in this training.