Why communication coordinator?

Go Green reaches out to more than 10,000 people every month, but we believe that with a focused and structured approach, this number can be increased to a much more significant level.

The number of projects and on-going activities prohibits the office staff from having a systematic approach to managing the website and social media, therefore the true potential is not realized. The role of the communication coordinator is both strategic and operational: The strategic part is in goal setting and development of the website and social media; the operational part is the implementation of up-coming and on-going campaigns, posting daily posts, and promotion (spreading the message).  The communication coordinator role will play an essential part in the performance and results of Go Green. We hope you will join our team!

   –   The duration of the internship is 4 months

       [September – October – November – December 2014]

       If the person achieves good results, long-term engagement is an option


The responsibilities of the coordinator are divided into 2 parts. The first part is the website and the second part is social media. Specific responsibilities:

1.      Web site

–          Training for content management system (Word Press, Joomla)

–          Maintenance of web site (publishing articles, photos and videos; meetings with designer and web developer, close communication with Go Green management team, synchronization with Go Green strategy, creative thinking)

–          Keeping track of analytics and stats

–          Suggesting changes for improvement and efficiency

2.      Social media

–          Create a plan for social media (budget, meetings with social media experts)

–          Facebook: Page manager of Go Green- Bidi Zelen

–          Twitter: Profile manager of GGBidiZelen account

–          Keep track of daily posts

–          Disseminate posts through networks

–          Media partnership development

3.      Facebook photo competition

The FB photo competition is a project activity that will be implemented during the EU Waste Reduction Week (24-30 November). This responsibility will involve the entire process of organizing the competition, determining the criteria, uploading photos on FB, and keeping track of the results such as likes, promotion, internet portals, and etc.

Requirements for the candidates:

–          Experience in the nongovernmental sector, preferably with youth organizations;

–          At least 1 year experience in web site and social media;

–          Excellent knowledge of writing and speaking in English and Macedonian

(other languages will be an advantage)

–          Experience of content management systems is an advantage (Word Press, Joomla)

–          Between 18 to 35 years old.

–          Available to spend 20 hours a week

–          Able to work individually and in team

Application procedure:

Please send your CV and motivation letter to info@bidizelen.org latest by September 20, 2014. If you have questions regarding the position and the call, please write an e-mail to go-green-skopje@googlegroups.com