The aim of the “Legislation pinpointing for youth work” is to show the direction for policy intervention in order to improve the youth workers conditions and livelihood. This paper is providing a reflection on the relevant policies and strategic documents related to youth work on EU level, as well as in specific countries. The conclusions drawn from this research show the key areas for interventions and policy development that institutions can take forward. It also serves as a basis for youth workers to organize a follow up advocacy and lobbying activities for improvement of their ecosystem.  The most important conclusions of this research report are:

  • Youth policy itself is not enough for better recognition of youth workers.

  • Not many countries recognize the value of youth work and youth workers accordingly.

  • When youth workers are organized and united in a formal or non-formal representative body their status and recognition in society improves.

  • Setting up a healthy legal framework for youth work is a two-ways street between the institutions and youth workers (organizations).

  • Representative body for Youth Work on European Level is needed

The project “A step between” was a strategic partnership between three youth organizations that produced the following intellectual outputs: “Legislation pinpointing for youth work” by Go Green – Skopje, “Youth work eco-systems” by Naturkultur e.V and “Well-being of youth workers” by Ocean Znanja.

The project was funded by the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility of the Republic of North Macedonia.