Training course “Step 0” Erasmus+

Training course “Step 0” in Hungary organized by Re Creativity, a social enterprise base in Budapest that is providing non formal educational programs in order that people build creative solutions in their everyday lives. Location: Alsotold, Hungary Dates: 25th March – 2nd April 2023 Deadline for application: 17th February 2023 The program of the mobility is […]

EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal

May 2022 – May 2024 EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal is a project dedicated to a sustainable Europe and presents the goals of the European Union in a film context.  EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal will provide a year-round program from May 2022- May 2024, with a focus on informing and educating about the green […]

Youth Activism for Green Municipalities vol.2

April – October 2022 Young people in society, and especially in the municipality are the biggest factor for change in the whole municipality. Activism and participation in social activities are powerful forms of civic engagement. The biggest changes are encouraged and led by young people. Youth activism has enormous potential to transform local communities, especially […]

Youth Activism for Greener Municipalities

January 2022- December 2024 The overall goal of the Project is to strengthen the influence of youth activists and youth organizations in local environmental policies and processes. The project has the following specific aims: (1) Strengthening the capacities of youth activists and youth organizations to implement effective advocacy activities at local level; (2) Establishing partnerships […]

Ecovillage next to Veles

Guy living in nature without money Are you sometimes upset by all the noises, lights and the pollution in the city you are living in? Do you also feel stressed by the permanent rush, that shapes life in bigger towns? These questions were the starting point of Dimches journey back to the roots. Dimche is […]

Call for Volunteers in Croatia!

Need to change your daily routine?Wish to bring positive change to a community and promote solidarity?Interested in environmental protection, nature conservation, or sustainable development? Then become part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project and join our Sunce team in Split, Croatia! Go Green Skopje is searching for 2 volunteers who will join Association Sunce team for a twelve (12) month period in […]