We live in an era of climate crisis that necessitates urgent action and cooperation with all stakeholders in a society. Stemming from the notion that youth is the future, i.e. today’s investment in them will reflect on the near future, their participation is key in creating and implementing local green policies or policies for climate change and environmental advancement.

In the absence of data on youth participation in green policies at the local level, we conducted this research that aims to unravel this complex dynamic, seeking to understand the motivations, barriers and opportunities that shape youth participation in green policies at the local level in North Macedonia. In doing so, it strives to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the obstacles and potentials for using the passion and energy of young people to improve policies, ie measures related to adaptation and mitigation of climate change, protection and improvement of the environment.

Link to the survey.

This research was prepared with the financial support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation with an office in Sarajevo, within the project “Youth eco-activism for green municipalities vol.3”.