42 young people from the Go Green Clubs, Macedonian Scout Units and Familles Rurales (France) participated in a climate change camp from the 16th to 19th of August in the village of Skrebatno on Galicica Mountain in south-west Macedonia.

The camp aimed to teach the participants about the impact, consequences, mitigation and adaptation of climate change and the importance of United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21), to be held later this year in Paris, France. The camp was focused on the networking among young people and provided trainings to develop their skills and competencies to lead and organize a campaign.

Besides learning about climate change and public speaking workshops, interactive games and discussions were held. The task for the participants was to combine the gained knowledge for climate change with artistic expression in order to spread campaign messages.

On the 21st of August Go Green organized the event “Cultural Exchange and Learning” at the Museum of Macedonia where the participants of the camp had a chance to share the cultural differences between Macedonia and Lower Normandy. As part of the event a French movie with an environmental theme was played and introduced by Mrs. Isabelle MARCHI-BARBAUX of the French Institute in Skopje, Macedonia. Macedonian traditional food was served and a Macedonian band performed live during the second part of the event.

These events are part of the project “Reducing Youth Carbon Footprint” which is supported by The French Embassy in Macedonia and The Program for Decentralized Cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia.