Go Green, AIESEC Macedonia and the Union of Scouts in the Republic of Macedonia organized a project which aimed to increase awareness and educate young people about the topic of sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

Brief description

The project was composed of two major events (seminar and antipollution march).

  • The indoor day consisted of one-day seminar at the Economic Faculty in Skopje on 4 December 2010. There were 100 delegates from all three organizations, aged between 14 and 22. The purpose of the seminar was to raise awareness, connect and empower young people to take an active role in shaping a sustainable society. The opening ceremony was a panel discussion on the topic: “The role of youth in creating a more sustainable environment”. The EU Ambassador, Mr. Erwan Fouere, was the key-note speaker and also a panelist. The other panelists were Mrs. Liljana Popovska (Member of Parliament), Mr. Metodija Sazdov (President at the Macedonian Green Center) and Mr. Petar Lazarov (Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Macedonia Export).
  • The outdoor day was organized as an antipollution march which took place on 18 December. The purpose of the marsh was to raise awareness among the general population about the CO2 emission that damage our health and contribute to the global warming and climate change process.

The project was supproted by the Norwegian Embassy.