The youth environmental organization Go Green, in cooperation with the Ski Center Mavrovo, organized a large-scale cleaning campaign in the Mavrovo National Park.

Even though the park has enormous beautiful areas, the tourists continue to destroy the containers constantly and thus destroying the nature in the park.

The purpose of this action was to clear Mavrovo from all the garbage so that we could enjoy green Mavrovo.

A total of 148 participants were participants in the action itself. The participants list varied from the youngest to the oldest and together we collected more than 400 garbage bags. The action took place on 7 points that before the action were mapped by the people as places with the most waste.

The most of the waste was composed of plastic bottles and bags. The problem that some of the participants faced was that in some places due to nature itself, the waste was not easily accessible because it was often stuck in the trees. Much of the waste was old maybe even a few decades.

After the cleanup actions, all participants were given a gratis daily ski card for the successful action.

This action took place as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction. This week was held from 18-26 November in all European countries and marked a number of actions to reduce waste. Go Green also held three other events to celebrate this week: Public Debate “Are We Selecting Waste in Our Homes?” (Link), Panel Discussion “From Oil to Energy – Opportunities and Challenges” and action on the use of handbags instead of plastic Green Market and Bunjakovec market in Skopje.

The action was supported by the “Program for Increasing the Market Employability of Swiss Contact”. The Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuse, Mavrovo National Park, Hotel Bistra and Necar Tours also supported the event.