Go Green is co-founder of the Association for Clean Environment Let’s do it Macedonia! whose mission is to provide sustainable solutions for waste management in the Republic of Macedonia. The Association Let’s do it Macedonia! Is initiated as part of the World Association Let’s do it World! that is present in over 112 countries worldwide. The aim of the global movement is to initiate one-day cleanup actions for greater amount of waste.


The project “Zero Waste Macedonia” initiates the following processes:

  • Developing awareness among the population for modern waste management and for the need to take responsibility as pollutants to participate actively through appropriate activities at local level;
  • Educating different target groups, with particular focus on young people, on the concept of zero waste (the waste is raw material, principles of selection, reusing and recycling);
  • Developing a comprehensive database for the locations, the type and quantity of waste through organized and synchronized mapping;
  • Strengthening the capacity of local communities in the area of waste management;
  • Establishing sustainable networks of social actors (institutions, citizens and NGOs) that will act to prevent the further occurrence of illegal dumps.

More information on Let’s do it Macedonia! and how can you join this project on www.ajdemakedonija.mk

Project reports of 20122013 and 2014.