Project Duration 01/05/2019-31/12/2019

Key Action KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type KA105 – Youth mobility

Beneficiary Organisation NATURKULTUR EV


We would like to connect urban culture of 21st century with standardized art forms, to promote young artists and to interest and inform European community about possibilities and importance of cultural activity with for the purpose of activism and socially useful work. We want to empower youth to, on a constructive way by using art, share their emotions, opinions and ideas in their local community. Another goal is to fight against labeling art occupation as an economically unprofitable.

Main goal for the project is:
Nurturing the synthesis between social youth activism and artistic expression among youth in Europe

Specific goals of the project are:
1. Interest and empower youth to express through art
2. To raise awareness about importance of inclusion of minorities and refugees in the society
3. To give tools to youth and inspire them to become active citizens in their society and to deal with important issues in their community
4. Give to participants basic knowledge about organizing and promoting cultural events
5. Encourage youth to talk about social problems through a new and interesting approach
6. Underline the importance of European citizenship
7. Raising awareness about social inequality inside Europe
8. Cooperate and integrate well with the local society


Our main activity is a youth exchange that will be held in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, near Bremen, Germany. The planned dates for the exchange are 13.-23.09.2019. During this exchange, 36 young participants and 6 group leaders will learn from each other and share their knowledge, experience, talents and ideas. There will be 6 countries participating on this exchange: Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy and Macedonia and each team will be represented with 6 participants and one group leader.

Participants on the exchange will be young people between 18 and 30 years old, coming from 6 different countries: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Spain and Germany. Every country will be represented with 6 participants and 1 group leader that will be age 18+. Out of 42 people that will participate on the exchange, 18 will be participants with fewer opportunities and they will come from one of the following backgrounds: participants who are refugees, participants that have cultural differences or are part of minorities in their country and participants that are facing economical or geographical obstacles

The partners will be responsible for ensuring gender balance inside their team because for all workshops gender is not important and both genders can equally participate in it. All partners will send several participants with fewer opportunities to the exchange. These participants will have economical or geographical obstacles, or they will have different cultural background. We will also try to include refugees in the activity, as we always do on our exchanges.