March-October 2019 

Objective: Establishing a sustainable network of eco-clubs in the high schools in the City of Skopje which will strive for a healthier environment and cleaner air. 

Activity 1: Creating new eco-clubs in high schools and strengthening the existing clubs in the City of Skopje 

Activity 2: Learning program (informative videos) 

  • Video 1: Youth participation for the environment
  • Video 2: Climate change, what can you do?
  • Video 3: Air pollution – causes and tips
  • Video 4: Waste collectors and their role in society

Activity 3: Campaigns and actions by high school students 

  • Earth Day April 22
  • European Sustainable Energy Week
  • European Mobility Week 16-22 September
  • World Clean Up Day

Activity 4: High School Conference 

Activity 5: Eco-seminar in Struga and Go Green notebook 


The project is financially supported by the City of Skopje.