April – October 2020

Air pollution is still on high levels in the cities in N. Macedonia and it is not going to go away soon. Climate change is also an issue that affects many but the young people and general public are not taking it seriously. The low awareness of climate change and its effects is also due to very low levels of representation in the educational system. Climate change as a topic is not at all or very little present in the educational programs in primary and secondary schools. On the infrastructure level, the low energy efficiency of the school buildings and their heating coming from fossil fuels (gas, oil) is not a good condition for the environmental awareness of the students. But it depends on a good base for environmental activism.

Young people, the members of the Go-Green-Network are willing to explore more and learn about climate change and air quality, and at the same time want to improve the education system on these topics.

We are going to focus this project on the schools and the educational system and stress the importance of the increased energy efficiency of the school buildings and usage of solar-thermal collectors for heating and electricity. Last but not the least, we are going to demand that climate change and air quality education is integrated deeply in the education system. The demands will be supported by in-depth research and analysis and awareness raising and advocacy actions.

Component 1: Research and analyses of the programs and effects of education system in
context of climate change and air quality related topics

Component 2: Awareness raising, education and mobilization of support

The project is funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovine.