July-December 2020

Informal waste collectors are part of the vulnerable groups in our society for a long time. They are part of the grey economy by picking plastics and selling them for a low price due to cash (unregistered) payment. It is estimated that about 800 families are engaged in this activity, collecting about 80-90% of packaging waste in our country.

Their awareness of the corona crisis and the prevention measures (masks, distance, etc.) is low, because primarily it is important for them to provide food for their families.

Through the project, with the provision of hygiene packages, their hygiene and safety will increase. Creating a network of buildings for picking selected waste, will reduce their need to pick in the communal containers and provide more protected and decent working conditions.


  • Informing about the measures and recommendations for prevention of the spread of the coronavirus;
  • Increasing the hygiene of informal waste collectors and their families;
  • Providing a decent income for the pickers and an organized system for collecting plastic and paper;
  • Involvement of citizens in supporting the process, raising awareness and selection of waste (plastic and paper)
  • Analysis of the profitability potential for forming a social enterprise that will employ collectors and will integrate them into the waste management system


  • Informing and direct support with hygienic packages to the collectors and their families
  • Analysis and plan for collection routes and residential buildings
  • Establishing cooperation with buildings
  • Installation of “green zones” in residential buildings
  • Collection and monitoring of the process
  • Communication campaign
  • Preparation of business plan and document with recommendations

The project is supported by the Government of RSM.