Go Green, represented by Antonio Jovanovski, is participating at the Youth@Work conference held 25-29 June in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Jovanovski, Executive Director of Go Green, as part of the Pool of Trainers for Youth@Work Parthership, is delivering a workshop on 27th June in Istanbul, on the topic “Placing the Youth Work on the Map”, aiming to recognize the importance of Youth Work in the education, employment and entrepreneurship field.

“It is important to recognize that youth work is not there only to fill in the labor market needs, because in this way it only supports the unsustainable and wasteful system we operate in. It is rather important to reflect on the role of youth work in challenging the status quo and providing social innovation that will create a meaningful change and support the development of a low-carbon, inclusive and sustainable society”.

Go Green’s focus is to promote social (green) entrepreneurship and employment and lead a dialogue with young people, academia and policy makers for the changes that needs to happen for a more sustainable, low-carbon and inclusive society.

Youth@Work conference in Istanbul is a cross-sectorial event, addressing both issues and opportunities surrounding youth employability and entrepreneurship. The emphasis is on the cooperation between formal and non-formal (youth work) education providers, employment, social & business sectors, (social) entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. Youth@Work strategic partnership on Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship is an alliance of Erasmus+ National Agencies of Turkey, Cyprus, France, Italy. Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Poland and N. Macedonia.

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