June-November 2019

The project will raise awareness among citizens about the principles of prevention, selection and reuse of waste, and will also activate citizens, with a special focus on young people, to engage in cleaning actions, selection and reuse of waste, and education of the population. .


  • Promotion, encouragement and active involvement of the population in waste selection, reuse and cleaning action
  • Education of different target groups, with a special focus on young people, for the concept “Zero Waste” (waste is a raw material, principles of prevention, selection, reuse and recycling)
  • Creating cooperation between municipalities, citizens and non-governmental organizations for further selection and reuse, as well as prevention of illegal landfills


  • Training for volunteers and representatives of the municipalities to implement the plan
  • Waste site mapping and public call for volunteers
  • Campaign for waste prevention, selection and reuse at national and local level
  • National waste cleaning action
  • National Conference with all stakeholders on “Circular Economy and Waste Management

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of RSM.