October 2018-May 2019

Project objective: Increased interest and desire of students to learn about climate change, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

The results helped the organization to create a principle of financial sustainability that it can further be developed in the future. The program itself is a way for the organization to raise funds that will later be reallocated to the organization’s capacity: its membership or the development of the program itself. The members of the organization were involved in the realization of the program, which upgraded their communication and presentation skills, but also their knowledge in areas of environmental issues.

Activity 1: Project team selection, administration and preparation

Activity 2: Establishing contact and concluding an agreement with 3 primary schools

Activity 3: Do It Yourself Program

Activity 4: Training for trainers and promoters

Activity 5. Program promotion campaign

Activity 6. Realization of the program

Activity 7. Evaluation and awarding certificates to the participants


The project is funded under the project “Change for Sustainability” implemented by KONEKT and funded by the EU.