April-October 2021

Youth are usually passive when it comes to democratic processes because of a lack of trust in institutions and narrow space for their voice to be heard. Municipalities like Karposh, Kisela Voda, Aerodrom, Prilep, Bitola, and Kumanovo are some of the top air-polluted cities and have problems with waste management or increased urbanization and transport, which means lack of greenery and forests. 

Local elections for local self-government in N. Macedonia are a great opportunity for civic engagement and public narrative for greening the municipalities.

This year, with the local elections, we want to engage young people in envisioning the process for green municipalities – and what they would like to see in 4 years from now. 

Pledges for green municipalities will be created, and public pressure will be made to political parties and candidate mayors to prioritize measures to better the environment and air quality. With this project, we also want to show young people that there are democratic tools to engage in the public discourse and you can make a change.