March-October 2019

Students in the schools in Macedonia have the tendency of not participating in the organizations or associations that represent the young population. According to the research for “Youth Participation in Macedonia” by CSOs “Youth Educational Forum” and “Reactor” around 70% of the students in the high school do not know if there is a student organization within their school and 81% of the students have never participated in elections for student’s union.

The main aim of the project is to establish a national youth environmental network for advocacy and campaigning in municipalities that have high air pollution levels and critical environmental problems.

Activity 1: Establishing and organizational support for stronger green clubs

Activity 2: Online training program for youth and environmental issues

The trainings will be addressing:

  1. Youth participation in students’ organizations
  2. Biodiversity and species protection
  3. Climate change and air pollution
  4. Green jobs and the education system
  5. Sustainable urban mobility

Activity 3: Advocacy campaigns for biodiversity, clean energy and green transport

Activity 3.1. Advocacy and campaigning, marking “Earth Day” – 22nd of April

Activity 3.2. Advocacy and campaigning, marking “EU Sustainable Energy Week” – 17-21 June

Activity 3.3. Advocacy and campaigning, marking “EU Mobility Week” – 16-22 September

Activity 4: Final event “Youth for better environment”

The project is funded by the Heinrich Boll Stiftung in Saraevo