August 2019- April 2020


  • Developed activist groups for climate change in high schools in Bitola, Kicevo and Skopje, Signing a petition for “Solar Energy Schools”,
  • Increased awareness among decision makers about the importance of climate change education and solar energy as an energy source for educational institutions – at least one institution sends a letter initiating greater participation and representation on the topic of climate change in education.


High school “Taki Daskalot”, Bitola
High school “Josip Broz Tito”, Bitola
High school Drita, Kicevo
High school “Rade Jovcevski Korcagin”, Skopje
High school Boro Petrusevski, Skopje
High school Nikola Karev, Skopje
Fridays for future initiative


  • High school camp for climate change
  • Carbon efficiency analysis of high schools
  • Solar Energy Schools Campaign
  • Workshop for preparation of petition and communication plan
  • Internet social media campaign
  • Educational and music events in schools