Project Duration 01/09/2016-31/05/2017

Key Action KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type KA105 – Youth mobility

Beneficiary Organisation Leppe-Ganespalteforeningen i Norge

The refugee crisis is one of the most important challenges of our time. More than a million migrants and refugees, mostly coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, crossed in Europe in 2015. More than a million of them applied for asylum claims in Europe. The response to the refugee crisis is one of the most important elements in maintaining and strengthening the European Union and preserving its values. With the proposed project we want to give our contribution in strengthening young people’s mindset about human rights and values of diversity, tolerance, solidarity, equality and respect. The integration of the migrants in the system is a very important process, which means acting by the domestic laws and regulations, and their complete integration in the administration and educational system of the countries. The young people are important segment of this integration process and for them is crucial to understand the value of different cultures and build a positive attitude towards the differences of people. Through our project “Lets do it together” the youngsters will become aware and understand the justified belonging of every human being, the universal declaration of human rights and the rights and freedoms enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. The youngsters will learn about the policies related to migrants and minorities, exchange their views on the topic, debate, and propose solutions. The activities are designed to make youngsters engage directly with the local population and the indigenous people of Norway which will bring compassion, understanding and tolerance. The workshops and session are going to be designed in a way that youngsters share examples from their countries about the refugees, the migrants and minorities and understand the struggles and difficulty of being a refugee, migrant or a minority in certain country. The youngsters will discover the reasons of being a refugee, migrant and/or a minority and learn about the system put in place for their integration in the society. The methods used throughout the whole project are mostly informal and non-formal education. Working in smaller groups, self-reflection sessions, world café method, role plays and theater education, and energizing outdoor activities, will make the youngsters become aware of themselves, their values and behavior. We are going to create a learning environment that encourages pro-activity and self-initiative, interaction and open sharing, feedback and evaluation. In a long term we aim to develop agents of positive change, and influence a generation of productive youngsters who will nurture an open mind, with no prejudices and stereotypes. With this project we are going to contribute in developing European citizens with understanding and respect for the differences of other people’s culture and background, willing to preserve the values of Europe and strengthen and expand the European project.