Project Duration 01/02/2019-30/11/2019

Key Action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth

Beneficiary Organisation Association for sustainable development and environmental protection GO GREEN Skopje

The project is a continuation based on the conclusions and recommendations of the “White paper on Youth Work” published in September 2018. The White Paper clearly outlines the need for improving the work conditions and well-being of youth workers and their lack of representation in front of the relevant European institutions and policy makers. This project is going to enable us to make an assessment and map the EU (Brussels) landscape related to youth workers. The reports are going to provide us with relevant information on the relevant institutions, organizations, legislation, policies, and on the other hand will provide information on the youth workers well-being and needs. These information (reports) will serve as basis for a larger follow up project (KA2) discussed with the German National Agency for opening an office in Brussels for representation of the youth workers and youth grass-root organizations in front of the relevant institutions. That is why the name of this project is “A step between” because it symbolically communicates the need to gather all this information and create the critical group of youth workers, experts and policy makers relevant for making positive change.

The project is innovative at its core, because there is no similar approach to addressing this issue, this is a process coming from grass root organizations, and based on firm research and white paper where all three organizations are the leading team. Supporting this project will bring us one step closer to the holistic, inclusive, fact-based process of youth workers representation in Brussels.

📍Legislation pinpointing for youth work” by Go Green – Skopje,
📍Youth work eco-systems by NaturKultur e.V. and
📍Well-being of youth workers”by Ocean Znanja.