Go Green: Plastic bags should be charged

The environmental youth organization Go Green organized the campaign “No plastic on the market” at the Green Market and the Bunjevec market in Skopje, in order to raise awareness among the citizens about the negative effects of the plastic environment and the health of the people. With an inadequate management system with waste they end […]

Climate change in the Balkans

Will we go from words to deeds?          While the governments of the Balkan countries (again) calculate the losses from the consequences of climate change (losses in agricultural yields, floods and droughts), another so-called COP23 in a series of international climate negotiation sended. What exactly is agreed and how will climate change […]

Key points and conclusions from the Working group for Green Jobs

On October 4th, 2017, meeting of the working group for "green jobs" was held, attended by relevant representatives from public institutions, the business community and trade unions. The meeting discussed the situation with the workforce in the construction sector and the measures to be taken in the short and long term. The Energy Efficiency Directive […]

Let’s do it outside

“There are people like me beyond every border” – stated by the Norwegian minister of EU Affairs Frank Bakke-Jensen during one workshop alongside with the youngsters that took part in this project.

Go Green at the WB6 Summit in Trieste: Environment to be put at the core of the regional cooperation

   Antonio Jovanovski, the executive director of Go Green Skopje, was present at the Civil Society Forum in Trieste, giving his contributions in the Environment, Climate Change and Energy working group. Go Green welcomes the signing of the memorandum for the regional electricity market however we stress the importance of putting the Climate, Energy and […]

Circular economy: Towards “Zero waste” and youth employment

На 3ти декември во просториите на Универзитетот за Туризам и менаџмент  – Скопје, Гоу Грин во соработка со Француската амбасада во Скопје и асоцијацијата за чиста животна средина „Ајде Македонија“ организираа младинска конференција на тема „Циркуларна економија: Кон „Нула отпад“ и младинско вработување“. На конференцијата се организираа две панел дискусии кои имаа за цел да […]

Educational study visit

The purpose of the visits was to show to the students the production processes and the resource and energy efficiency methods that are being used in the factory. The students saw practically what would be their potential working environment and the job profiles the employees have in the different sectors.