AprilOctober 2022

Young people in society, and especially in the municipality are the biggest factor for change in the whole municipality. Activism and participation in social activities are powerful forms of civic engagement. The biggest changes are encouraged and led by young people. Youth activism has enormous potential to transform local communities, especially if supported by local and central governments.

The project will support the advocacy process for the promises to be implemented and become part of the municipal budget. The process will include capacity building of local youth civil society organizations to advocate for the implementation of promises, media campaign activities, meetings with mayors, youth officials, council representatives and youth activists.

The specific goals of the project are:

– implementation of youth requests for green municipalities

strengthening the capacities of the youth sector for advocacy for green initiatives in their municipalities

– support for the implementation of the Law on Youth by strengthening the advocacy for the environment by the youth

increasing the participation of young people in environmental decision-making processes at a local level

This project is financed by the Heinrich Boll foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.