Project Duration 01/05/2018-31/12/2018

Key Action KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type KA105 – Youth mobility

Beneficiary Organisation Jugendtreff Käl/Téiteng asbl

The idea for this project came during the project organized in 2017., consisting of two exchanges, in Germany and Norway. We were partners on that project and after discussing with our colleagues from NaturKultur, we decided to apply and organize Erasmus+ exchange in Luxembourg. Jugendtreff Kayl/Tetange have never organized exchange like this before, so we decided to work together with NaturKultur and organize something that will be beneficial for youth in Luxembourg and for our local community.

The project is called Active Change Makers, because we wanted that the participants become active in putting ideas together for changing the impact of youth and to be more socially responsible and active citizens, on a local and international level. They learned how to address the problem of growing youth radicalization in Europe, finding the causes and searching for ways to prevent it and become aware of the problem. They also learned about the Erasmus+ and about different cultures and problems of discrimination (e.g., religious, cultural or racial). The goal was that youth use the knowledge they acquired to create future projects with the help of Erasmus+ and the people they met on the exchanges.

The project was consisting of 3 activities with participants from 6 different countries: Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Macedonia, Croatia and Luxembourg. First activity was APV held in Luxembourg in May 2018. and there was 7 leaders participating on it, 2 from Luxembourg and 1 from all other participating countries. Activities A2 and A3 both consisted of 49 participants and group leaders (7 participants from each country and 1 leader from each country except host country that had 2 leaders on the exchange). Activity A2 was a youth exchange in Luxembourg organized in July 2018. while activity A2 was exchange organized in Germany in August 2018. The age of the participants on both exchanges was from 18 to 30 years.

The main workshops were different in A2 & A3. There was always workshops about prejudices, discrimination, and youth entrepreneurship. It was very important that the participants and group leaders lead those workshops. On the APV in Luxembourg, workshops were discussed and divided among the partners and group leaders and they helped their participants to prepare the workshops and organize them. We used this method because we wanted to include the participants as much as possible. Besides the workshops, the participants had the chance to see the cultural side of Luxembourg & Germany and they also got the chance to see some social infrastructures.