Project Duration 01/02/2018-30/04/2020

Key Action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth

Beneficiary Organisation NATURKULTUR EV

Trainers library is going to be a platform(website) where all the needed resources will be available for one youth worker or trainer to be able to develop competencies that will enable them to successfully work with groups of youngsters and individuals within an Erasmus plus program but also many other national regional and local programs.

The trainers library is going to be innovative concept because all of the information are going to be based on the European trainers competency model so the information provided their is going to be easy to find and use, checked for relevance by some of the best trainers in Europe, very good organized, labeled and indexed.

The project is consistent from many phases but the most important ones are the research from the already created materials and resources, crowdsourcing campaign for all additional things for the trainers from around Europe to share, and design of new methods, tools, resources for the competencies for which materials are really difficult to find or they are upapplicable.

All this materials are going to be uploaded and organized one of the website that it’s called trainers library. It is going to be open-source platform for everyone to use for free and without any limitations.

The expected results from this project are that thousands of youth workers and trainers for many different countries are going to use this platform for their personal and professional development in order to do their work better and create higher quality and more opportunities for young people. Better experiences for the young people will create more active, open-minded youth and it will have an impact on all our societies in general.

This trainers library is only the start as we expect that the long-term the concept will develop not only for the needs and development of professional and personal skills for the trainers, but that will go in that action of similar kind of organizational resources for them to deliver knowledge to other groups of people.