for the purpose of the project Clean AirDrom – Zero Solid Waste in Municipality of Aerodrom

Main beneficiaries:

  • the Coordinator – Municipality of Aerodrom,
  • the co-beneficiary Centre for support to businesses ,,Omnium Coaching and Training LTD” Skopje; and the
  • co-beneficiary Association for sustainable development and environmental protection Go Green;

Financing institution: the European Union, represented by the European Commission

  1. Context

This action aims to set up an innovative solid waste management system for the Municipality of Aerodrom in Skopje, North Macedonia, strengthen capacities of municipal staff, include the vulnerable groups engaged in informal waste picking and raise the awareness of people and legal entities to start utilizing it. In the process it will benchmark a successful best practice from the EU, from the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  1. Purpose of visibility materials
  • To build awareness about the project activities and project achievements among target audiences,
  • To build awareness of the opportunities among the target groups;
  • To strengthen the coordinator’s and both co-beneficiaries’ image and partnership with the EU;
  • To ensure compliance with EU visibility requirements in all project materials and project activities
  • To ensure that partners/beneficiaries and the target group are aware of the EU support the project
  1. Required services

Based on already existing logos related to the project coordinator and both beneficiaries, the co-beneficiary Go Green, on behalf of the coordinator and the other co-beneficiary is seeking the services of legal entities that will provide: apply of the existing logos, supply and production of branded visibility materials.

The contractor will be requested to provide the following:

  • Applying of the existing logos with variations based on the type of visibility materials;
  • Production of printed visibility materials as per below specification and quantity;
  • Delivery of visibility materials to Go Green premises located in Kukushka street, No 4 Skopje

All materials produced for must include as a minimum the already existing logos of the mentioned coordinator and two (2) beneficiaries, adding the the emblem of the European Union.

When applying, the applicant should provide a digital preview of the visibility promotional materials (catalogue), as a way to demonstrate capacity to produce such materials. The applicant should also provide most recent list of clients to which the applicant has provided similar services.

Before the production is launched, the winning applicant is obliged to present a sample or specimen of materials to produce as part of this assignment, in order to obtain a final approval for production.

  1. Required deliverables and delivery dates:
No.ItemQuantitySpecificationDeadlines and Delivery Dates
1.Branded Notebooks2000Dimensions: A5 / 14.4 x 21.4 cm.   Material: recycled Elastic closure if possible30 days from the contract signing      
2.Branded pens2000Material: recycled
3.Banners4Roll up banners
4.Design1Adapt and prepare for print the proposed design to the materials 
  1. Price List

Applicants should indicate the unit prices for each of the products, as well as prices for the total quantity of each of the items, as per the above-stated quantities.

Prices must be expressed in MKD no VAT included, since the project is VAT exempted.

  1. Requirements of the contracting authority

GO GREEN reserves the right to reject the delivered products if damaged or non-compliance with the order is stated within 48 hours from delivery. The materials must be properly packed and protected against any damage.

  1. Reporting requirements

The contractor (winning applicant) will report to Go Green. Go Green designated staff in charge will regularly communicate with the contractor and provide feedback and guidance on its performance and all other necessary support to achieve objectives of the assignment, as well as remain aware of any upcoming issues related to contractor’s performance and quality of work. All activities and deliverables undertaken by the contractor shall be discussed and agreed in consultation with Go Green.

  1. Payment

The contractor (winning applicant) will be invited to sign a supply contract with Go Green. The Contract will be realized in MKD and the Payment will be performed in one single installment, upon confirmation of delivery of the services.

The related payment will be done within 30 days upon submission of the invoice.

  1. Copyrights

The copyrights of the work conducted during the assignment shall remain as property of the project Clean AirDrom – Zero Solid Waste in Municipality of Aerodrom.

  1. 10. Required Qualifications and Experience of the applicant
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in production of visibility materials.
  • Demonstrated technical capacities for the design and production of the visibility materials. To demonstrate technical capacities, the applicant should provide electronic (photo) samples of previously produced visibility materials when applying.
  • Legal entities must be duly registered for this kind of activity.
  1. Award criteria

The most economically advantageous tender is the technically compliant tender with the best price-quality ratio, determined by the results of the technical and financial evaluation in accordance with the weightings on 60/40 basis, as per the following:

Technical Offer – 60% of total evaluation:

– Experience – max points: 30 %

– Portfolio (including previous samples) – max points: 30 %

Financial Offer – 40% of the total evaluation.

  1. Evidences and supporting documents
  • Portfolio (Company profile) in English language, of the service provider, demonstrating the minimum requested previous work in the relevant field. The portfolio needs to include the electronic (photo) samples of previously produced visibility materials, as well as a list of clients to which the applicant has provided similar services (the prices are not required).
  • Scanned copy of the Registration Certificate
  1. Deadline
  • Deadline for submitting is ten working days (21.03.2022) via email to with subject: Offer for promotional materials “Clean AirDrom”. Тhe entire offer and application documents can be found here.

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